Freezing Cookies for Later with Hefty


Hefty Frozen Cookies

The one thing I always find tough about baking is the sheer amount of cookies each batch makes. We have a small family and I don’t necessarily need three dozen chocolate chip cookies hanging around at one time. Instead, what I do is I freeze half of the baked batch. I simple pop them in a Hefty bag, slide it shut and pop it in the freezer. Then, when we are ready for the second half of the cookie batch they are all set and still fresh from the freezer!

Here are some tips for freezing cookies with Hefty bags:

1) Make sure as much air is out of the bag as possible. That means, literally push the air out of the bag before sealing it.

2) Try to place the cookies on a flat surface. I usually put the cookies on a paper plate or on top of a flat box of something already frozen in the freezer. This way they stay nice and flat at they freezer.

3) Thaw the cookies completely before eating. A frozen cookie could potentially hurt your teeth – yee-oww!

4) It’s OK to reuse! I often use the same bag for freezing bags over and over. The cookies are fully baked so there are no raw ingredients. Just rinse the bag, let it dry and use it again!

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