Friday Favorites: Gadgets, Sites & Articles


MiniChopperWhat a great week! The Family Kitchen has been featuring some amazing recipes lately, many of which I plan to try this weekend. Raspberry Lime Cloud Cupcakes? Yes, please! After all the rain earlier this week my herb harvest was particularly bountiful today. I can’t wait to get started making fresh batches of pesto this afternoon. In the mean time, here are some pretty cool things I observed this week on my regular jaunts around cyberspace and my kitchen. Enjoy!

Gadgets: I love a full-size food processor as much as the next gal, but what do I turn to on a daily basis? The Cuisinart Mini-Chopper. This baby has a permanent spot on my kitchen counter. I fire it up daily for everything from making pesto to chopping nuts to shredding carrots for souffle. There is no limit to it’s uses. Best of all, it’s easy to clean – many of the parts are dishwasher friendly – and who can argue with such a great price for a gadget that will last a decade, if not longer?!

Sites: Caroline sang the praises of Canal House a few weeks ago and I agree with her 100%. I own all the books and have a subscription that will last me well past the Fall issue. So imagine my excitement when, just when we thought those gals in Lambertville couldn’t get any better, they launched a Canal House website! Fun, whimsical and easy to navigate, I highly recommend you check it out. Perhaps even take the time to write down their cocktail recipe for a fun weekend treat – it looks super yummy.

Articles: I’ve fallen for this visual Spring Farm-to-Table Cooking Guide on Epicurious. It’s user-friendly interactive feature demystifies the process of finding fresh, local food in your region. (According to them, right now I should be snapping up spinach and lettuce at my local Connecticut farmer’s market!) Epicurious is a source for many great recipes, be sure to start your own recipe box online if you haven’t already done so!