Friday Favorites: Gadgets, Sites & Articles!


Nigella JuicerWith everything finally unpacked it feels great to be getting back in the groove in my new kitchen. During my weekly reading and cooking adventures I stumbled across a few great things I want to share with you. Functional wedding gifts? Hilarious podcast personalities? It’s all here, my friends. Here is my week in review:

Kitchen Gadget: I received Nigella’s Citrus Juicer at my alphabet themed wedding shower in 2004 (my friend Geri was assigned the letter J). It’s been washed a bazillion times, dropped on a few dozen occasions, juiced thousands of lemons, and it has NEVER let me down. My favorite part is the little sieve that makes sure no seeds sneak into anything I’m making. As fun and functional as Nigella herself, this tool is a keeper.

Website: I’ve become a big fan of the Spilled Milk Podcast by Molly of Orangette and Matthew of Roots & Grubs. Their topics are always relevant and entertaining, plus each show is a manageable 15-ish minutes long. Tune in whenever you are in the mood for some fun listening and great recipes. I listen to it while my daughter is napping, it is a great afternoon break for Mom.

Article: Companies growing their employees food in communal gardens?  Is this for real? The good news is that yes it is! I love this article by Kim Severson in The New York Times, “The Rise of Company Gardens.” Kudos to the all the forward thinking companies around the world supplying their employees and their families with local, organic food.

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