Fried Pretzel Chicken for Memorial Day



When I told my husband yesterday that I was making pretzel chicken for dinner, he was floored. He said, “You mean your combining two of my favorite things, crispy fried chicken and crunchy pretzels?” I said yes, and I’m even pairing it with a sweet and spicy honey Dijon mustard sauce. Even though my husband had never heard of the idea of pretzel chicken, I had quite a while ago. I think it’s one of those 70’s recipes. If anyone remembers where it originated, I’d love to know. I have been meaning to make it for a long time, but we never seem to have any pretzels around. As fast as I buy them, my husband and son gobble them up.

After getting the pretzel bag away from my son, I ground up about 2 cups of the pretzels to make a breading for the chicken and then fried it until it was deep golden brown and very crunchy. This would make the perfect make ahead fried chicken recipe to take to a picnic or get-together on Memorial day.  And what’s a picnic without fried chicken? If you choose to chill it, this recipe is great too because it will stay crunchier than a traditional fried chicken because of the pretzel pieces. You can find my recipe for pretzel chicken here at my blog, Eclectic Recipes.

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