Fun Summer Treats: Use Hefty Slider Bags to Make Frozen Grapes


Frozen Grapes: A Fun Summer Treat, via Babble.comSummer heat can take its toll on kids and parents. And lately we’ve been stumbling into our apartment thirsty, hot, and exhausted, eager for refreshment and cool treats. This is always tricky territory since so many summer treats can be filled with unnecessary sugar or additives. But my favorite chilly summer treat is all-natural and couldn’t be easier to make. It’s…

frozen grapes! They’re like tiny popsicle bites–sweet and refreshing. And making them? That’s a cinch! Just wash your seedless grapes, pop them in a Hefty slider bag, and seal. Freeze overnight, and voilÝ , a simple, fun summer snack that took seconds to prepare.

Frozen Grapes: A Fun Summer Treat, via

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