Kids in the Kitchen

  • Toddler Pees While Cooking 1 of 21
    Note to parents: All culinary school applicants must be potty-trained before admittance.
  • Mini Multi-tasker 2 of 21
    This adorable tot is already attempting the very tricky phone-while-cooking multitask.
  • The Human Stand-Mixer 3 of 21
    Are these kids working out or cooking? We wish our kids had this much dedication in the kitchen.
  • Too Tired to Eat 4 of 21
    Do you think he’s dreaming about that cut-up hot dog?
  • Baby Eats a Watermelon 5 of 21
    Well this is one way to get yourself out of a sticky situation…
  • Giggly Girl Breaks an Egg 6 of 21
    We’re looking forward to this little girl’s all-bowl, no-egg omelette.
  • The Youngest Ice Cream Addict Ever 7 of 21
    We don’t want to be there when mommy has to take the ice cream cone away.
  • Baby Eats a Lemon 8 of 21
    There is nothing cuter than this little glutton for punishment: She keeps going back for more!
  • How Do You Cook Pasta? 9 of 21
    The best pasta-cooking tutorial ever.
  • Vanessa Can Cook! 10 of 21
    It’s never a good sign when your chef is more interested in the cooking utensils than the actual food.
  • A Young Gordon Ramsay 11 of 21
    We wonder if this mom anticipated making a PB&J sandwich with her tot would turn into an episode of Hells’ Kitchen.
  • Baby Cookie Dance 12 of 21
    Give this kid a cookie and some Keith Urban and you have the line-dance rookie of the year.
  • Dinner with Olive 13 of 21
    Baby Olive has no reservations about trying new and questionably edible things — watch out
    Anthony Bourdain!
  • Baby Tyler vs. The Noodle 14 of 21
    Who will win this epic battle of Baby vs. Spaghetti? Watch and see!
  • This Is Not What I Ordered 15 of 21
    Even a baby knows that there’s better food on the menu than pureed vegetables.
  • Baby’s First Meal 16 of 21
    Don't you wish that tapping your spoon was an acceptable way to demand seconds? This cutie can't get enough of dad's chicken soup — he keeps going back to lick the empty bowl!
  • Homemade Fail 17 of 21
    You know feeding a toddler (or kid...or teenager...) isn't going to be easy when even your baby would rather choke and cry than swallow your cooking.
  • Dinner Music 18 of 21
    Making raspberries versus eating whatever that delicious-looking green stuff is? We'd make raspberries, too, kid.
  • Picky Eaters Anonymous 19 of 21
    Baby Ava tries solid food and makes the cutest faces ever, but the best part is her reaction to mommy's post-meal quiz. Don't worry, Ava, we feel the same way about pureed carrots.
  • Making Yapple Sauce 20 of 21
    Messy ingredients, an untested recipe, and two hysterical hosts… Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you: Yapple Sauce.
  • Kids in the Kitchen 21 of 21
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