Get Nourished! A New Conference for Food Bloggers



Whether you’re already a blogger, or a just a closeted foodie ready to come out and show the world your stuff, there’s a new blogging conference to put on your calendar. This year, Nourished–A Food Blogger Conference is scheduled, and it’s quickly become the event of the year for anyone interested in niche foodie blogging. Want to join in the fun? We’ve got all the details after the jump!

“Nourished – A Food Blogger Conference” is a unique meeting, tailored to the needs of those on special diets, writing about special diets, or looking to fill a targeted niche in the foodie world. Though any blogger or blogger-wannabe interested in connecting with others, building friendships, and acquiring knowledge to sustain their blogging journey is welcome, there are a few specific foodies that will really benefit from this conference, including:

  • Bloggers who write about specialty diets of any type – vegan, dairy-free, low-carb, grain-free, whole foods, etc.
  • Bloggers who want to strengthen their blog, brand, or internet presence.
  • Thinking about starting a blog? Nourished can help you get started!

The conference will feature all sorts of distinguished presenters, including Silvana Nardone, Dianne Jabon, Susan Voison, Karen Morgan.

The event is scheduled to take place Friday, April 13th in Chicago, IL. For full specifics on agendas, speakers, and official topics, check out the Nourished homepage for further information.