Get Your Greens: 12 Ways To Eat Green Stuff For Breakfast


Eat right first thing in the morning! You already know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So, why not bump up your morning dishes with some seriously good-for-you greens?! We’ve got twelve recipes that make it easy to include more fresh greens in your a.m. From quiche to breakfast pizza, even picky eaters won’t want to pick at these dishes. They’re just too delicious to not devour them!

  • Wake Up the Healthy Way! 1 of 13

    Trying to sneak more greens into your diet? These 12 gorgeous recipes will show you how to start your day the healthy way! Tons of greens, totally tasty!

  • Kale And Parmesan Fritatta With Tomatoes 2 of 13

    Set the stage for a great day with a healthy dose of kale in your eggs! 

    Get the recipe for Kale And Parmesan Fritatta With Tomatoes

  • Spinach Squares 3 of 13

    These grab and go squares are chock full of healthy spinach and yummy cheese! 

    Get the recipe for Spinach Squares

  • Grumpy Gator Green Smoothie 4 of 13

    The tropical flavors in this healthy smoothie will turn any grumpy mood around!  

    Get the recipe for Grumpy Gator Green Smoothie

  • Asparagus, Tomato, and Spinach Fritatta 5 of 13

    This breakfast fritatta serves up plenty of lean protein and healthy antioxidants!

    Get the recipe for Asparagus, Tomato, and Spinach Fritatta

  • Zucchini Bran Muffins 6 of 13

    Sneak some garden zucchini into your muffins for a sweet breakfast treat!

    Get the recipe for Zucchini Bran Muffins

  • Asparagus and Ramp Quiche 7 of 13

    Yes, you can have asparagus for breakfast!

    Get the recipe for Asparagus and Ramp Quiche

  • Melt-In-Yer-Mouth Vegan Breakfast Biscuits 8 of 13

    Stuff these soft and fluffy biscuits with lots of healthy goodies for a hearty breakfast!

    Get the recipe from CheekyKitchen

  • Butternut And Red Potato Quiche 9 of 13

    Each bite of this stuffed quiche is full of garden goodness!

    Get the recipe from CheekyKitchen

  • Korean Crispy Pancakes 10 of 13

    If sweet breakfasts aren't your thing, these savory pancakes will hit the spot!

    Get the recipe from CheekyKitchen

  • Bacon And Egg Breakfast Pizza 11 of 13

    Use refrigerated pizza dough and whip up this impressive breakfast in no time!

    Get the recipe from CheekyKitchen

  • Egg Muffin Recipe With Peppers, Kale, And Cheddar 12 of 13

    These grab and go muffins are brusting with goodness!

    Get the recipe from vintage mixer

  • Individual Spinach And Turkey Quiches 13 of 13

    Turkey bacon and yogurt keep these delightful mini quiches on the light side!

    Get the recipe from The Spinach Lover