Glossary Of Meat Free and Dairy Free Ingredients & Terms


Food Glossary

Food allergies and intolerances are more common these days and thankfully the foodie world is adapting and we are seeing tons of great recipes that reflect this need. The list of ingredients for these allergy free dishes consist of new and unfamiliar items leaving many of us wondering what they are and how to use them. I’ve got tons of questions like what is agar agar and how do I use it? Or what’s a great recipe using quinoa and why all the hype? Sure I can just google what I’m searching for, but I would love to have one place that can answer my questions in simple terms about all these unusual ingredients and have recipes to go along with. That’s when I came across Yum Universe glossary of ingredients and terms used in meat free and dairy free cooking. Heather Crosby, the founder of Yum Universe, breaks it down for us in an easy to understand definition and how best to use the ingredients. Once I discovered this glossary I can’t keep away and use it everyday while I’m cooking. So will you!

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