Golden Globe Awards 2011 Red Carpet: Star Secrets for Staying Sexy Skinny


CruditeCan you believe how great some of those stars look on the Golden Globes Red Carpet? Well, let me tell you, it is not because they were born that way. In order to fit into a lot of those dresses many celebrities diet, workout and take drastic measures to look so great. We talk about diets at The Family Kitchen a lot because it is always a concern for us. We don’t condone drastic diets, but there have been some celebrity diets that have popped up lately that are worth a look. I am interested in losing that last five pounds post-baby, like most women, and know that a properly structured program of diet and exercise can really do the trick. Here are a few diets that help keep the Celebrities stay skinny, and could help you, too!

Diets that Help the Stars Stay Skinny

1. Dr. Oz’s Move It and Lose It

2. The Cinch Diet

3. Suzanne Somers’ Sexy Forever Diet

4. The 17 Day Diet

Photo Credit: Jamie Richardson