If Golden Globes Movies Were Food: Black Swan as a Duo of Nutella Pudding & White Chocolate Blondies


Nutella-pudding12Have you read about my Golden Globes inspired game yet? Tonight I’m playing What If Golden Globe Movies Were Food? and I want you to play along! We started with Inception as the famously complicated (and overwrought?) dessert Cherpumple. Now we’re moving on to Black Swan, the dark ballerina movie with the light Natalie Portman.

A single black and white dessert might work here, something like these luscious Nutella Peanut Butter Covered White Chocolate Blondies, but I think two separate desserts is the way to go for this film. One black and one white, both rich with strong flavors. I also think that each dessert should be something that could stand alone or be enjoyed as a decadent duo. Seems only fitting, don’t you think? So I’ve nominated TWO desserts for this Golden Globes nomination:

Jennifer’s Chewy White Chocolate Blondies and Julie’s ridiculously delicious looking Creamy Nutella Pudding.

If you ask me, this pairing is in the lead for a win!

Photo: JulieVR

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