If Golden Globes Movies Were Food: The Kings Speech As Cherry Lemon Scones


Cherry Scones The Kings Speech Golden GlobesThe game is still on! Join me in this evening’s best Golden Globes game ever: What If Golden Globe Movies Were Food? We’ve already got Inception as Cherpumple and Black Swan as a duo of Nutella Pudding and White Chocolate Blondies. Now onto The King’s Speech.

For this film, I’ve nominated Jamie’s Cherry Lemon Scones. Yes, yes. I know scones may seem an obvious, perhaps uninspired choice for a movie about royalty. But there’s more to this choice than the whole British connection.

The movie is also about an unbreakable bond between two people. One that reminds me of the bond between the brilliant flavor combination of cherry and lemon. What? You think I’m pushing it? Think I just came up with that? Oh no, friends. Before this game even started, I wrote about how much I love pairing cherry and lemon. I even developed a recipe for Lemon Cherry Coffee Cake.

So take that with your tea, scones and royalty.

Photo: Jamie