If Golden Globes Movies Were Food: Inception as Cherpumple


Golden Globes Cherpumple This evening marks the 2011 Golden Globe Awards and I’ve got the answer to the most important question of the evening. What will the stars wear? NO. What will Hollywood be eating and drinking this evening? NOPE. (Jennifer’s already filled us in on tonight’s Golden Globes menu) My foodie friends, tonight I present to you the dish that each Golden Globe nominated movie would be if it were food.

Silly as this may sound, I think you should turn this into a game at your Golden Golbes party. Check out each recipe/movie combo—I’ll be posting them throughout the evening—and decide which is most deserving of the coveted golden trophy. Or should we make the prize a golden truffle?

Let’s start with Inception.

The thriller follows its characters deep into the layers of human consciousness. Layers difficult to navigate and rich with complexity, much like the layers of the all mighty Cherpumple.

The Cherpumple is a dessert made of 3 layers of cake with pies baked in between. Yes. Pies, as in plural. In fact, the name comes from the pie flavors: CHERry, PUMPkin and apPLE.

A masterpiece or a disaster? A question that can be asked of both and the movie and the dessert. A question that only you can answer for yourself.

Photo: JulieVR