Google eBooks: How it Will Affect Cookbooks and Our Recommendations for 2010


Google ebooksToday Google announced it is launching Google eBooks, the company’s official entry into the red hot eBook market.  I wonder, how will this affect cookbook sales? Cookbooks are unique in that they are part of a select group of books that people like to own in full, rather than download and forget. One of my favorite things about cookbooks is the tactile feel of the actual book in my hand. I love the weightiness of it and my ability to flip through it page by page, being inspired by the endless recipes and luscious food photography. Will we now be cooking from our iPads or Androids? There is a good chance that will be the case. When we want a new cookbook, we’ll go to the Google eBookstore, buy the book for the appropriate reading device (Nook, Kindle, whatever you own) and download it. The instant gratification is amazing, though I wonder how this will translate to the kitchen.

If I buy all of my cookbooks online, will I end up losing the pleasure that comes from holding the actual book in my hand and rifling through it for fun in search of a great recipe? Will my iPad get splattered and splotched as I cook along in the kitchen?  I hope not. I’ll buy a special skin for that. It remains to be seen exactly how cookbook sales will be affected by the new eBooks market. In the mean time, here are some of The Family Kitchen’s cookbook recommendations for 2010. We heartily endorse buying these, downloading them or putting them under the tree for a friend:

The Family Kitchen’s Cookbook Recommendations for 2010:

– Fish, Without a Doubt by Rick Moonan and Ray Finamore

– My Bread by Jim Lahey with Rick Flaste

– Sweet Enough to Eat by Fiona Cairns

– The Art of Simple Food by Alice Waters

– In Season by Sarah Raven

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