Long Live Gourmet Magazine! 'Gourmet Live' iPad App Launches


gourmet live ipad appYes, fellow food nerds, it’s true. As of last night, Gourmet Live, the new, digital incarnation of now defunct Gourmet magazine, is available for download to any iPad. My iPad is downloading the free app as I type! And while I can’t wait to share my experience (more soon), I’m even more eager to make sure you know that you can get the app, too.

The content on Gourmet Live will be a combination of archival content (about 40%) and new stories updated weekly (about 60%). But beyond writing and recipes that could be found in a print magazine, publishers promise a new kind of “digital content experience” that integrates social networking and gaming functionality. For example, connecting with Facebook and Twitter earns users access to “locked” content. There will also be content sharing with other digital publications including Serious Eats and Eater.

And, of course, from what I’ve seen so far, it’s gorgeous to look at. (And will have a new “cover” daily.)

Will this unchartered attempt to translate a magazine into a dynamic tablet experience revive the revered Gourmet brand? Stay tuned. In the meantime, at the very least, I’m thrilled to have access to part of the deep Gourmet recipe archive in a form much more practical than hundreds of loose clippings.

What do you think? Do you iPad owners plan on downloading ‘Gourmet Live’?

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