Green & Black's Organic Chocolate: "Yum!"


We at Babble are in a chocolate daze right now, thanks to the lovely folks at Green & Black’s Organic that sent over a box of their goodies. Well, we happily sampled … General consensus? “Yum!”

Here’s what Babble employees had to say about various Green & Black’s Organic chocolate bars:

Milk Chocolate: “My milk chocolate had gotten a little melted and re-formed in transit, but the flavor was still rich and milky — closer to Cadbury’s than Hershey’s. Yum!”

Almond: The 37% cocoa content of Green and Black’s Almond means this is an approachable piece of chocolate with a creamy mouth feel, and a silky smooth finish balanced by a subtle, toasty almond crunch.”

Toffee: “Rich, smooth chocolate with crunchy specks of toffee—love the varied texture, delicious!”

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