Grilling Safety Tip: Sunscreen and Grills Don't Mix


Photo Credit: Angie McGowan

According to a report on GrubStreet a man in Stow, MA was engulfed in flames over Memorial Day Weekend while grilling.  The accident was not caused by what you may be thinking. The cause was sunscreen.  Apparently some types of sunscreen are flammable when first applied. The man, Brett Sigworth says “it was only a second before his body was engulfed in flames” after he applied Banana Boat Spray on Sunscreen to his body and stepped up to the grill to stoke the coals.

According to a separate report on CBS BOSTON Brett suffered 2nd degree burns but it could have been more severe if his friends didn’t act as quickly as they did. “Doctors say if he was on fire for only a few more seconds he would have suffered third or fourth degree burns. Brett has an attorney but says he’s not looking for money from the company. Instead he wants more warnings and testing to see why this happened.”

Stay safe this grilling season!

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