Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?


I have a problem and I’m hoping you can help me. Recently I’ve been put in situations where children, children who are not my children, want to come over for dinner. And lunch. And everything in between. Now, I love feeding people, particularly kids, particularly kids who like to eat everything I make them without bribing, cajoling, or mild threats. But I’m wondering: how often do you have your kids’ friends over for dinner?
Do you have an etiquette that you follow? Example: “Before you tell your friend Charlie it’s taco night and invite him over, please ask me first, because the last time Charlie came over for dinner he ate 10 tacos and got sick on the cat.”).
Do you set a limit on how many guests your kids can have over?
Do you only allow friends on weekends?
Did you ever have to tell a kid that he couldn’t stay for dinner (for whatever reason)? How did you handle it?
And how often does your kiddo eat at their friend’s dinner table?
Are there certain households you just don’t let him go to because the mom serves Ho-Hos for dinner?
I’m eagerly awaiting your thoughts, and don’t worry, you can come over to my house for taco night anytime.

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