Halloween Appetizers, Snacks, and More Recipe Ideas


Halloween foodHere at FamilyKitchen, we have been obsessed with Halloween foods from Halloween appetizers to snacks, dinners and desserts and we’re going to be very sad come Monday when all our ghostly, gravely, creepy, crawly and monsterously delicious recipes get put away for the winter. If you love Halloween foods as much as we do, join us in one last hurrah this weekend as we share all our best Halloween recipes, in cast you missed them or you want to look at them again.

Some of our favorite Halloween appetizer and food recipes this month include:

Frankenstein Peppers

Monster Mash

Sloppy Goblins

Eyeball Soup

Meat Hand

Spooky Chicken with Medieval Marinade

Bat Wings

Spooky Spider Crackers

Hot Dog and Spaghetti Spiders

Tentacle Pot Pies

And for a full list of spooktacular Halloween treats check out our Halloween recipe slideshow — it’s frighteningly amazing!

Tell us: What’s your favorite Halloween appetizer or snack?

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