Halloween Cake Balls via The Pioneer Woman


When I entered the term ‘Halloween cake pop balls’ in an Internet search, I expected to see links for Bakerella but it was the first result from The Pioneer Woman that caught my eye.

After studying the post, I went to work making these creatures and I wanted them to be….

Yes, I can say it, I wanted my cake balls to be bumpy and well, ugly. I did not want these to be smooth and pretty and I think I achieved my goal. Now, I did follow the instructions carefully but next time, I will add about half the amount of frosting to the cake mix as they are very rich.

If you do make these, respect the advice to freeze the balls overnight or else the candy coating will be very difficult to apply. Also, if you want to be able to stand them up as part of a display, after applying the candy coating, sit them ‘stick up’ to dry and apply the ‘face’ to reflect that position.

The only area I varied from the way that The Pioneer Woman did it, was to use premade Halloween decorations.  I bought these decorations Williams-Sonoma last year and simply stuck them to the candy coating before it dried.

Detailed instructions can be found at Cake Balls, Halloween-Style