Halloween Candy Art from Martha Stewart Living


I admit to not owning an iPad. I just haven’t had a need for one, and though I can justify purchasing one, house projects and broken arms tend to stand between me and my tech gadgets. Still, after seeing this beauty of an iPad wonder appear in my inbox this morning, I’m finding myself craving an iPad even more.

Martha Stewart Living has started animating their iPad version of the magazine. Animated candy, sweets and ghouly Halloween treats. I’m smitten. The cover isn’t the only thing that’s animated, though. There are apparently animated surprises and instructional videos in the iPad version, too. Click to see the cover animation in action.

My iPad lust is totally justified now, right? Animated magazines like Martha Stewart Living. Bigger Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja for the kids. Less squinting to read my email.

Do you have any favorites on the iPad?