Halloween Detox: A Confession


Stuffed Acorn Squash

The detox is for me, not the kids, but they love this dish, too. Have I mentioned my sweet tooth? It rivals any 8-year-old. After taking the kids trick-or-treating I managed to eat, bum, bum, bum…2 packs of mini Twizzlers, fun size Snickers, regular box of Red Hots (gotta save the kids from fire mouth!), small box of Nerds, several Bit O ‘Honeys, chocolate peanut butter eye balls, sweet tarts, Milk Duds, Rolo, and I think that’s it. Yep, I overdid it. Now I’m craving something healthy and I’ve got just the right meal.

I found this recipe for stuffed acorn squash a couple of years and it’s my go to dish when I have overdone it on the sweets. Head on over to CookingWithMyKid for the full recipe.