Halloween Fun: Glow in the Dark Frosting


Glow in the Dark Frosting via

When I read about this glow in the dark frosting I knew I had to make it for Halloween. Unfortunately, when I went to take a picture of it in the dark it didn’t work out well. My camera couldn’t pick up the glow! But, you can see it here, and try it for yourself. All it takes is dipping cupcakes in a mixture of tonic and jello and turning on the black lights. Super cool! Here is how you can make your own glow in the dark frosting and enjoy your Halloween party!

Glow in the Dark Frosting

1 cup tonic water

2 tablespoons jello powder

Mix the water and jello together. Dip the frosted cupcakes in the mixture and shake off the drips. Then, turn on the black lights and enjoy!

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