29 Spooktacular Halloween Recipes for Kids


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Fall has arrived and that can only mean one thing — Halloween is nearly here! Don’t let the stress of worrying about what to dress up as or planning your kid’s Halloween party get you down. In fact, we have that last part covered for you! From breadstick bones with “marrow”nara dipping sauce and eyeball soup for appetizers to scarecrow cupcakes and tombstone brownies for dessert, your Halloween party menu was never easier — or spookier. Here are 29 spooktacular recipes that are so tasty, you’ll forget about the Halloween costume that needs to be made.

Fizzy Jack-o'-Lantern Milkshakes 1 of 29
With just three ingredients, this festive milkshake is as yummy as it is easy to make.

Make fizzy Jack-o'-lantern milkshakes
Skeleton Quesadilla 2 of 29
This spooky quesadilla will be sure to charm your little boys and ghouls. Add some extra sliced apples on the side for a dash of crunch — and nutrition!

Make skeleton quesadillas
Ghost Pretzels 3 of 29
These salty-sweet snacks are too simple not to make. Not to mention they look absolutely adorable — er, we mean scary.

Make ghost pretzels
Spooky Black Velvet Cupcakes 4 of 29
Everyone's favorite red velvet cupcakes get a gothic twist just in time for Halloween. And these treats look so pretty topped with spooky chocolate trees, it'll make you want to share them with everyone ... until you taste them. Then you'll want to keep them all for yourself!

Make spooky black velvet cupcakes
Zombie Chili 5 of 29
Don't worry, there aren't any stray body parts in this zombie chili — just beans, sausage, and a whole host of other flavors your kids are sure to adore.

Make zombie chili
Breadstick Bones with "Marrow"nara Dipping Sauce 6 of 29
Crack these breadsticks open for a gooey, cheesy filling that's too good to resist. Paired with a blood-like tomato "marrow"nara sauce, they're the perfect spooky appetizer to serve at your Halloween bash.

Make breadstick bones
Pumpkin Pop-Tarts 7 of 29
It’s pumpkin pie to-go! Your kids won’'t want real Pop-Tarts after they try these homemade, handheld Halloween treats.

Make pumpkin Pop-Tarts
Eyeball Soup 8 of 29
Somehow eyeballs aren't as threatening when they'’re made of mozzarella and olives.

Make eyeball soup
Spooky Pizza Party Nachos 9 of 29
Nachos are the perfect party snack, but they're not exactly … scary. Change that with these ghost-shaped chips that will leave your kids shouting "Boo!" with every bite!

Make spooky pizza party nachos
Spider Cookie Pops 10 of 29
Creepy crawlies get a sweet side in these awesomely decorated cookie pops!

Make spider cookie pops
Boo Bars 11 of 29
Dense pumpkin cake slathered with cream cheese frosting? Spooktacular!

Make boo bars
Creepy Eyeball Cupcakes 12 of 29
We spy with our zombie eye a devilishly gory Halloween dessert. Just the right amount of creepy-cool to leave your kiddie guests begging for more.

Make creepy eyeball cupcakes
Frankenstein Baked Peppers 13 of 29
These adorable stuffed peppers will add a shockingly healthy twist to your sugar-heavy Halloween menu. And how many times can your kids say they ate a monster’'s head?!

Make Frankenstein baked peppers
Coconut Cocoa with Coconut Ghost Whip 14 of 29
Keep Halloween night’s chill to a minimum with a steaming cup of coconut cocoa and ghost whip. Although we should warn you, serve the kids one too many, and they may be “boo”-ing all night.

Make coconut cocoa with coconut ghost whip
Pumpkin Cookies with Caramel Spiderweb Frosting 15 of 29
We wish all spiderwebs could be as sticky-sweet as the ones we found on these pumpkin cookies.

Make pumpkin cookies with caramel spiderweb frosting
Edible Cookie Graveyard 16 of 29
Brownies, chocolate wafers, and Milano cookies make this a graveyard we wouldn’t mind visiting. We'd recommend not inviting The Cookie Monster ...

Make an edible cookie graveyard
Scarecrow Cupcakes 17 of 29
Forget about crows — we doubt these sweet treats are scary enough to fend off hungry trick-or-treaters!

Make scarecrow cupcakes
Candy Corn Whoopie Pies 18 of 29
Add a new twist to your kids'’ favorite Halloween candy with these festive whoopie pies. (Although unlike real candy corn, we'’d suggest limiting your kids to just one pie.)

Make candy corn whoopie pies
Tentacle Pot Pies 19 of 29
It'’s not Halloween unless your kids have eaten an octopus arm,… or eight. Note: Shy away from screening Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus until the eaten “tentacles” have fully digested.

Make tentacle pot pies
Steamed Halloween Pudding with Bloody Custard 20 of 29
What’s Halloween without a little gore? This “bloody” custard-oozing pudding will bring just the right amount of terror to your party.

Make Halloween pudding with bloody custard
Witches' Brew Soup and Cheesy Garlic Broomsticks 21 of 29
Pair these witchingly fun appetizers with a screening of the spooky flick Hocus Pocus to give your kids an All Hallows' Eve they'll never forget!

Make witches' brew soup and cheesy garlic breadsticks
Green Zombie French Toast 22 of 29
Make a Halloween breakfast your kids will never forget with this creepy, slime-colored French toast. (It can be our little secret that it's actually packed with fruits and veggies!)

Make green zombie French toast
Goblin Smoothie 23 of 29
The kids will go nuts over the bright green color of this "goblin" smoothie, while you'll appreciate the healthy dose of veggies and yogurt it packs.

Make a goblin smoothie
Spooky Spiderweb Eggs 24 of 29
Impress (and creep out!) your Halloween party guests with these spiderweb hard-boiled eggs. Hint: You'll need plenty of cherries on hand to get the job done.

Make spooky spiderweb eggs
Vegan Pumpkin Cupcakes 25 of 29
With a subtle vanilla-pumpkin flavor and cream "cheese" frosting, you'll never believe these adorable Halloween cupcakes are vegan.

Make vegan pumpkin cupcakes
Jack-o'-Lantern Apple Pie 26 of 29
Pumpkin isn't the only pie filling in season in fall — apples are at their peak, too. Put a Halloween twist on traditional apple pie with this crispy, flaky Jack-o'-lantern-inspired topping.

Make Jack-o'-lantern apple pie
Cinnamon Sugar Pumpkin Donut Holes 27 of 29
Trick or treat! These delicious sugar pumpkin donut holes have a surprise pumpkin candy inside! Your kids will love biting into this tiny treat.

Make cinnamon sugar pumpkin donut holes
Ghost Caramel Apples 28 of 29
Nothing says fall quite like a caramel apple. Try a Halloween-inspired take on this classic snack by using some cheesecloth to create ghost apples!

Make ghost caramel apples
Spiderweb Cake-in-a-Jar 29 of 29
Add a Halloween-y twist to our classic cake-in-a-jar recipe with orange and black food paste!

Make spiderweb cake-in-a-jar
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