Halloween Ticings: Pretty Cupcakes for the Artistically Challenged


halloween ticingsI’ve always considered myself more of a cook than a baker. If I didn’t cook for a living (i.e., practice constantly), my baked goods would be, well, a little sad. The flavors would be spot on. I’m great with flavor. But the look? Let’s just say that I don’t have natural talent for making baked goods look pretty.

If you’re the same—or you just don’t have time to pipe perfect icing dots over smooth fondant—let me introduce you to Ticings, an ingenious edible icing applique that immediately prettifies any soft frosted dessert.

Bake or buy, frost, peel and press. That’s all it takes. Which means little ones can help decorate without trouble (or mess). And, if they are into stickers like mine, these are particularly fun!

You might expect a product like this to have an arts-n-craftys look, but not Ticings! The images are fun, clean and modern. Designs for the Halloween kit, which includes over 80 appliques plus an assortment of all-natural dark and white chocolate sprinkles and vanilla sugar, were created by award-winning artist Anne Keenan Higgins.

Ticings are smooth, easy to bite into and completely tasteless, so they won’t make your cake or frosting taste funny. I can say this with confidence because I’ve tried them myself! And, to top it off, they are kosher and gluten-free.

Kits are available online in various sizes for cakes, cupcakes and mini-cupcakes.

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