Healthier Popcorn


Today is my kids’ first day of summer vacation, which for us means lots of movie nights.  I like for them to play all day, and then, to give them incentive to come in and go to bed, I let them pile their pillows and blankets in a bedroom and set up a laptop to watch a movie, or, if I’m really nice, I let them watch one in the family room.

Of course, movie nights can be really blah without a bowl of warm popcorn.  The popcorn I usually make is, in my own opinion, healthier than microwave popcorn from the store.  But because I use butter, some may argue that I’m being just as unhealthy as a packaged variety.  All I know is, I always feel better giving my kids something all natural, with ingredients I recognize.

To make it truly healthy, I’d like to one day try putting flax seed oil in an oil spritzer and spraying it down with that.  So if you want to take this one step further, I recommend giving that a try.

For the salt, I have a special cache of superfine kosher salt I have for my popcorn.  To prepare it, I simply take kosher salt, about a cup, and grind it in a food processor for a few minutes until it is super fine.  Though the process of turning it into almost a powder is simple, it does make quite a cloud of dust in my kitchen, so I only like doing it once in a great while. I would actually love it at the folks at Morten would make a special fine kosher salt just for this purpose.

My Healthier Popcorn

To air pop my corn, I use a Presto Powerpop, a special microwave bowl designed for popping corn.  When it’s done, I use a wooden spoon to fluff up the kernels as I slowly pour a tablespoon of salted butter over the top.

Then, while fluffing it up with the wooden spoon again, I take a pinch of the super fine kosher salt (see above), and sprinkle it over the top.