Healthy Grilling for Labor Day: Smoky BBQ Turkey Burger Sliders


I’m all about the food when it comes to preparing for a holiday weekend. Especially if that holiday weekend revolves around the grill, like Labor Day typically does.

But for those of us watching our waistlines, holiday weekends can be tough when it comes to staying on track. I mean, really, of course we’ll enjoy all the food regardless, but if we are trying to make good choices and eat well in general, a big holiday full of food can really sabotage anyone who is working hard towards a fitness or weight loss goal.

Enter these sliders. These sliders were created so you could enjoy your holiday burger…without any of the guilt.

I love sliders mostly because of their size…they are forced portion control! If you are “dieting” you are most likely watching your portions, so sliders are a great way of not feeling like you are depriving yourself while enjoying what you really want to enjoy. These Smoky BBQ Turkey Burgers are so packed with flavor without all the calories….for the recipe visit Aggie’s Kitchen.