Hearty Fall Soup: Ribollita


Soup like this just warms my soul…literally. I mean, just look at it, there is all kinds of goodness in it…kale, carrots, beans…bread. Oh the bread, the bread just puts this soup over the top.

My grandfather made soup similar to this all the time when I was a young girl. I don’t recall if all the ingredients were exactly the same as la domestique of Food52‘s version of it, but that is truly the beauty of homemade soup, it is a creation of whatever your heart desires. What I specifically remember, though, about my grandpa’s soup is the bread he added at the end. It was a glorious addition to an already heartwarming pot of soup, and the last-minute addition of that crusty, slightly stale bread made it all the better.

Enjoy this stick-to-your ribs hearty soup for dinner on cool nights this fall and winter…you can find the recipe for Ribollita here on Food52.


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