Holiday Dishes from YouTube Next Chefs


The YouTube Next Chef Program is in full swing and the Next Chefs are attending Google Hangouts and cranking out one delicious assignment after another. The latest guru to dish out an assignment to the the Next Chefs is Rob Nixon of the wildly popular cooking show, Nicko’s Kitchen.

Nixon’s assignment was two-fold: First, each Next Chef had to ask their YouTube audience to leave comments for Party Food Requests. Next, the Chefs had to fulfill one of the requests in a video.

Each Chef had their own means of selecting which request they would choose and the recipes and videos are as diverse as the cooks themselves.

My video for White Bean Crostini is at the top of the post and all 15 Holiday Party Food Recipes are in the video playlist (above) courtesy of The YouTube Channel.

You won’t want to miss CookingwithKarma’s Perfect Pavlova Recipe or the OnePotChefShow’s Easy Deviled Eggs. HillahCooking makes easy work of Puff Pastry Mushroom Bites and as always, TheAimlessCook comes up with something completely different and inspired.

Get the Garlic and White Bean Puree Recipe as seen in the video and get even more Party Food inspiration right here at Family Kitchen.

What are your favorite party foods? Share them in the comments!