Holiday Food Shopping on a Budget: Anne Thornton's 5 Secrets for the Season


With Black Friday looming, consumers everywhere are preparing themselves for an onslaught of seasonal spending.  But, Anne Thornton from Food Networks Dessert First doesn’t think hitting the holiday season has to mean breaking the bank  With some careful planning and a few of her fantastic tips to holiday budget success, you’re sure to enjoy this season like never before.  Better yet, you’ll enjoy it in a more delicious way than you ever have before.

1. Plan ahead. Make a list of all ingredients you will need and check your pantry to see what you already have. There is nothing more wasteful or annoying than buying duplicates.

2. Shop Coupons and specials. Around the holidays a lot of stores run specials on specialty baking ingredients. Keep an eye out for stores running specials.

3. Buy in bulk. I use a lot of butter around the holidays I always buy unsalted butter in bulk at a large discount if I don’t use all of it I just freeze.

4. Interchange your nuts. Nuts are expensive. If a recipe calls for walnuts and you have pecans already swap the walnuts out for pecans.

5. Do Dessert First. Making your desserts yourself will save you a bundle and be far more delicious than anything you can buy.

Catch a Christmas episode of Dessert First with Anne Thornton on Sunday, on December 5th at 12pm/11 c on the Food Network.

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