Homemade Lunchables


Someone bought Lunchables for my kids last month, and now we cannot walk past the refrigerator aisle of any store without whines and begs to buy them more. My solution is to tell them I will make “homemade lunchables.” You’d think a plate of cheese and crackers couldn’t stir such strong feelings in kids, but apparently, they do.

When my kids had this for their after school snack yesterday (Okay, wait. I cannot tell a lie. They actually had it for dinner). I heard squeals of delight all around. My four-year-old kept saying, “These are the awesomest Lunchables ever!” I served it on a cutting board with a bowl of grapes. Once again, sometimes simplicity is best. And there is something so satisfying about cheese and crackers, isn’t there?

Now, I know my picture up there looks a little over the top, what with the stacked Canadian bacon, and all. But I have found that kids enjoy artful presentation of food as much as adults. They love to drink with stemware (right now is a good time to find acrylic stemware that doesn’t break), fancy napkins, etc. I find I don’t really need to go cutesy with my kids—like smiley faces and bunnies. If something would please let’s say, The Barefoot Contessa, chances are, it will please them, too. That doesn’t mean they’ll eat it—they’re still picky as anything, but they like a gourmet presentation. I think it makes them feel important and grownup. What about your kids?

Homemade Lunchables

Ritz crackers
whole grain melba toast
cheddar cheese slices
several slices of Canadian bacon, cut in fourths
grapes and other seasonal fruit

Arrange all ingredients on a cutting board as you might for an upscale dinner party.

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