Homemade Pop-Tarts


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    10 breakfast pastry recipes for kids
  • Rainbow Pop-Tarts 2 of 11
    Rainbow Pop-Tarts
    Ditch bland cereal and jazz up your mornings with these rainbow Pop-Tarts. With a spectrum of fresh fruits packed inside and a little technicolor drizzle on the outside, this breakfast is anything but boring! Make rainbow Pop-Tarts »
  • Chocolate Drizzle Pop-Tarts 3 of 11
    Chocolate Drizzle Pop-Tarts
    Chocolate for breakfast? Yes, please! Reminiscent of chocolate-filled croissants at a French bakery, these Pop-Tarts only require two ingredients. Make chocolate drizzle Pop-Tarts »
  • Sunshine Lemon Pop-Tarts 4 of 11
    Sunshine Lemon Pop-Tarts
    If your sleepy kids need a morning pick-me-up, they won’t be able to help but smile when waking up to a plate of these sunny treats filled with lemon marmalade. The non-traditional shape makes them almost too cute to eat (almost). Make sunshine lemon Pop-Tarts »
  • Pop-Tart Pops 5 of 11
    Pop-Tart Pops
    What’s even more fun than Pop-Tarts? Pop-Tarts on a stick! These downsized versions are just right to grab and go on busy mornings.
    Make Pop-Tart pops »
  • Better-For-You Strawberry Pop-Tarts 6 of 11
    Better-For-You Strawberry Pop-Tarts
    These Pop-Tarts are just as good as — if not better than — the strawberry ones from the supermarket, but healthier; they’ve got a whole-wheat crust and are filled with jam
    made with real fruit.
    Make better-for-you strawberry Pop-Tarts »
  • Nutella Pop-Tarts 7 of 11
    Nutella Pop-Tarts
    You won’t find these in a box! The chaotic morning rush doesn’t seem nearly so bad when you have one of these delectable chocolaty-hazelnut treats in hand.
    Make Nutella Pop-Tarts »
  • Sweetheart Pop-Tarts 8 of 11
    Sweetheart Pop-Tarts
    There’s no better way to say “I love you” than with these decadent strawberry pastries — complete with cute, heart-shaped cut-outs for your little (or big!) sweethearts. Make sweetheart Pop-Tarts »
  • PB&J Pop-Tarts 9 of 11
    PB&J Pop-Tarts
    Do your kids ask for good old PB&J in their lunchbox every day? Now they can have their sweet and salty favorite for breakfast, too! Make PB&J Pop-Tarts »
  • Pumpkin Pop-Tarts 10 of 11
    Pumpkin Pop-Tarts
    Get the flavors of homemade pumpkin pie without all the extra work. Your kids can carve whatever they want onto these speedy, no-fuss tarts!
    Make pumpkin Pop-Tarts »
  • Whole-Wheat Pop-Tarts 11 of 11
    Whole-Wheat Pop-Tarts
    Simplicity is key with this recipe. Roll out the buttery, flaky whole-wheat crust and fill with jam for a healthy and yummy from-the-box alternative.
    Make whole-wheat Pop-Tarts »

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