How to Get Free Starbucks with FourSquare Checkins or by Email Today Only!


starbucks cupsToday Starbucks is awarding $40 gift cards to random customers who check in using Foursquare at their stores today as a way to celebrate their 40th Anniversary.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with foursquare, it is the popular social media tool that people use to blast out information to Facebook and Twitter as to where they are currently in their community, or even around the globe. To check in to Starbucks a user simply logins in to their account to register their checkin and unlock a “Tribute Badge” and Starbucks will enter them in the pool to win a gift card. For those of us without foursquare you can also register to be entered to win a gift card by emailing the company at with the subject line “Foursquare Entry Submission.”

So, run to Starbucks today and check-in using foursquare OR send them an email with the subject line above and you’ll be entered to win your very own $40 Starbucks giftcard. Winners will be drawn on March 16th. So, now, the big question is, if you win, what will you order?

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