How to Make Your Own Brown Sugar


How many times have you gone to bake and not had brown sugar in your cupboard? In November and December, when baking time seems to triple, I’m always running out of staples like brown sugar. But check this out: if you have plain old sugar and a spoonful of molasses, you can make your own. Brown sugar! From scratch! Moist and sticky and ready to go in a few minutes. (It even comes in handy when you do have brown sugar, but it’s a hard lump in the bottom of the bag.) And you can control how dark and sticky you want it by the amount of molasses you blend in.

It’s such an easy formula, DIY brown sugar hardly requires a recipe: simply blend sugar and molasses together at a ratio of 1 cup sugar to 1 tablespoon dark molasses until it’s completely incorporated. You can do this with a fork or a mixer – either way, it will be gloppy and sticky at the beginning – just keep blending until it looks like brown sugar. You can store it in a sealed bag or container – just as you would brown sugar from the store – until you need it. Doesn’t that make your baking life easier?

Happy holiday baking!

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