How to Segment an Orange (Or Any Citrus Fruit!)


I’ve always considered summer to be my favorite fruit season, but lately I’ve been getting pretty exited about the fruits I’m seeing coming in at the store this fall…apples galore, pomegranates, pears and always my favorite, citrus. I’m a sucker for all things citrus, the smell is intoxicating and snacking on cold, juicy orange slices just makes me happy.

My parents and grandparents both have always had a variety of citrus trees growing in their yards so there is never a shortage of oranges, grapefruits and lemons at our house. One of my favorite salads that I remember my dad making when I was a kid was a simple orange salad, cut in large pieces and dressed in a little olive oil, salt and pepper. My dad would make a huge bowl of it and I would just pick out of it while he ate it.

Citrus salads are such a nice addition to your table this time of year and really, so simple to put together. If you want to keep things ‘rustic’ then simply peeling and cutting your fruit into large chunks is totally alright in my book…but if you are looking to put together a citrus salad (a nice combo of blood and navel oranges and ruby red grapefruits is pretty) for a get together or you just want it to look nice then segmenting your citrus is the way to go.

When you segment your citrus, your pieces just look better … they are more uniform and you don’t have to deal with all the unsightly and tough skin and pith that is still attached. The leftover juice in the non-segmented portion is perfect for dressing the salad too.

Fine Cooking has a great instructional video that walks you through how to segment citrus easily.


Photo and Video Credit: Fine Cooking

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