How to Use HEFTY Slider Bags to Make a Kitchen Funnel


I moved into a new home last month and find myself standing in my kitchen, wondering where all of my favorite kitchen gadgets are stored. Wherever did I put that grater? Do I remember unpacking the wooden spoons? And did I ever even have a funnel? I found myself wondering that very question this week as I was trying to transfer rice, popcorn, and wheat from one container to another. A funnel would make my life so, so much easier, I said aloud.

It was in the middle of declaring my need for funnelling that I laid eyes upon my box of large HEFTY Slider Bags and realized, I could fulfill all of my funnel desires right now with a simple snip.


Here’s how to make a kitchen funnel with Hefty Slider Bags. Just grab a pair of scissors and snip the corner of the bag. The great part? You can make it as large or as small as you need!

Then, pour whatever favorite foods you need to funnel into the top of the bag, funnel it right into your favorite container, and you’ve got a new kitchen tool that really works!

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