I used to be Sagittarius but now I am Ophiuchus: New Zodiac Signs 2011


When I went to bed last night I was a Sagittarius but as of this morning I am Ophiuchus all thanks to the new Zodiac Signs 2011. All this astrological stuff is ab it shocking and now I wonder if my new horoscope will even be in the paper tomorrow or if I am left in limbo while all the astrological signs are sorted out.

In the meantime, I am going to indulge in some of my favorite sweets and nibbles and then maybe, just maybe when I wake up from my food induced coma, all of the new zodiac signs will be a distant dream….

White Chocolate Blondies

Mini Greek Pizza Muffins

Cabbage and Split Pea Soup

Blueberry Coffee Cake