ihop: Enjoy Free Pancakes on Tuesday for a Good Cause


Free ihop pancakesAs Paula pointed out, March 1st is National Pancake Day. In celebration of this fabulous day (I mean, it’s pancakes we’re talking about, how could it not be fabulous?!) IHop is giving out a free short stack of classic buttermilk pancakes to all customers. In return they ask that customers donate any amount they are comfortable with to the Children’s Miracle Network. IHop has been running this benefit since 2006 and last year raised over over $2.1 million alone. This year their goal is $2.3 million! Since 2006 it has given out an estimated 10.1 pancakes. Want to eat at IHop tomorrow to show your support and enjoy free pancakes? Here is how:

1. Check out the details on IHop’s Pancake Day website

2. Check out their list of IHop locations and find the one nearest you!

3. Can’t get enough IHop? Check out this recipe for IHop pancakes at home!

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