I'm Joining a Farm Share


To be honest I have always been a bit nervous about signing up for a CSA membership — mostly because of the price tag. I don’t mind spending more for products that are local and high-quality. It’s more a panic that I’ll have all this beautiful (and expensive stuff) in my kitchen and I won’t be creative or scrappy enough to make sure that every last bit of the delivery is used in some capacity. But maybe it would be like the gym theory, i.e. if you join a gym, you are more likely to work out because otherwise you’re throwing money out the window, right? Maybe if I signed up for a farm share the pressure would not just be good for my family, good for my community and my planet, but it would be good for my culinary creative juices.

The other thing is — last week I went to my local farmer’s market (it’s finally open — yipee!) and after picking up some beets ($3) and summer spinach ($3), my normal $10 weekly supply of organic fruit juices, a spur-of-the-moment $8 simmer sauce purchase, a bag of donuts for the girls ($3), fresh eggs ($5), berries ($6), a gorgeous $20/pound sea bass that was swimming a few hours before it was wrapped for me…well, the price tag is a lot higher than it should be already. (Not to mention that  it’s Tuesday as I write this and most of the stuff is gone — gone into young, growing bodies, but still…gone.)

So I’m joining MyFarmShare. After doing the math (based on my last week’s market spending) it doesn’t look like such a bad deal after all. Their 22-week packages range from $600 to $1160 and My Farm Share is a family operation that works exclusively with small family-run farms. They provide produce to Gramercy Tavern and Union Square Cafe and most of their revenue goes directly to small local organic family farms. A basket of beautiful vegetables (and fruit and eggs depending on your package) is delivered weekly. They are still accepting pro-rated memberships this summer if you are interested in joining with me.

And please do, because, for starters, I need you to help me with something: What am I supposed to do with a Japanese turnip?

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