Is the Legendary McLosbter For Real?


200px-McDonald's_Golden_Arches.svgLong rumored to be a regional menu item in Maine and other northern franchises, the McLobster is making a splash today with rumors that the Golden Arches will be introducing the sandwich into select cities. Lobster at McDonalds? I’m not going to lie, I’m intrigued. I never tried the Double Down but this is one fast food novelty I think I’d have to try. And it certainly seems plausible, lobster prices have really come down in recent years. While it used to be something of a luxury item, it’s cropping up in more and more places. But is it really coming to McDonalds? And what does it mean for lobster lovers across the country?

Well, the short answer is, McLobsters are unlikely to appear at your local McDonalds anytime soon. Much like the elusive deep fried apple pies, rumors are flying about certain franchises selling McLobster sandwiches, though, apparently McDonald’s corporate denies it. If they’re flatly denying it, that probably means that it’s not coming anytime soon, if it’s coming at all. And so it seems the McLobster is fated to remain among the select group of legendary McDonald’s food items such as the Greek Mac, Big N’ Tasty, and, my personal favorite, deep fried apple pies.

For those of you who don’t believe it exists anywhere, though, here’s video proof:

Ben’s Tours–Search for the McLobster

For lobster lovers, the upshot is that being sold in one of the largest food sellers in the country could have really increased demand for what is still something of a specialty food and driven up prices. So those low prices you’ve come to love may stick around longer.

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