Is There School Tomorrow: 5 Great Kitchen Crafts for Snow Days


Snowman ShootersSnow days galore in the Northeast tomorrow! This means the kids will be home from school on Wednesday and you’ll need to keep them entertained. To get you started, here are some fabulous kitchen crafts that you can do with kids, both young and old, so they don’t spend the entire day watching movies. Some of these crafts are geared toward younger kids, they don’t take long and are simple enough for their little hands, while others are more involved for teenagers. Take the snow day as a chance to have fun with your kids in the kitchen. They’ll enjoy these crafts and, chances are, you will, too. And, once the snow has stopped falling don’t forget to go outside and build a great big snowman!

5 Great Kitchen Crafts for Snow Days

1. Chocolate Dipped Pretzel Rods

2. Homemade Caramel D’Lites

3. Snowman Shooters

4. Snowball Cake Pops

5. Nutty Breakfast Granola Parfait

Photo Credit: Brooke McLay