Kids, Food and (My) Body Image


boys body issues pictureYou read my posts here every day (thank you!), and most every one is lovingly written after a bunch of recipe testing… and tasting. Though I don’t have to eat a lot to do my job, being a woman with body image issues who cooks—and tastes—for a living is, well, complicated. Then throw two little boys into the mix.

Funnily enough, I thought that having boys would make things less complicated. And it did. Sort of. Twisted as it sounds, I used my children’s gender to avoid confronting my own body issues for a long time. Until my older son saw through to a place that even I refused to look.

I’ve decided to share the story of how my sons have helped me face my body issues and love myself as I am: a passionate, food loving writer who hopes to inspire healthy eating for all families, big, small and in between.

I hope that my story helps you do the same.

My Body Image, My Boys