Kitchen Beauty Secrets: Use Coffee Grinds to Exfoliate


Coffee Grinds

I love when something I have in my pantry can be used in other creative ways besides cooking. I try to use what I have on hand as much as possible. For instance: coffee grinds. I love coffee. I have it just about every morning. I always have coffee beans and grinds in my house. I save the grinds to use in my garden (it’s fantastic for the soil) and I also use them to exfoliate my skin. Food for your face, if you will. Exfoliating with coffee grinds sloughs off dead skin cells, gives me a healthy glow, and reduces the appearance of my pores. Who doesn’t want that?!

What you’ll need:

1/2 teaspoon coffee grinds
1/4 teaspoon facial cleanser

What to do:
1. Mix coffee grinds with facial cleanser. You’re looking for a scrub consistency. Rub onto face (avoid eye area) and gently rub in circles.

2. Rinse with warm water.

3. Follow with your regular moisturizer.

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