Korean BBQ: Kogi Infamous Tacos


Truth: I have never eaten at the Kogi BBQ Truck. I left that part up to my husband. In all of my random L.A. adventures, Kogi never happened. It’s a tragedy, really. Not knowing the next time I’ll find myself in the Los Angeles area with a few hours to hunt down the truck, I knew I needed someone to bring the Korean BBQ home to me. I was tired of only hearing about them without being allowed to experience them for myself.

I remember on a recent trip to Napa and Sonoma, my husband and I were flipping through different radio stations when we hit a local station discussing the future of food. They were talking to people at the Culinary Institute of America in Napa, and there were a few select sound bytes from Kogi owner, Mark Manguera, giving his official viewpoint on the street food movement that’s been sweeping the nation, starting with the Kogi Korean BBQ.

Served from the truck, among other things, are marinated short rib tacos, a fusion of Korean and Mexican, coming together in a corn tortilla topped off with a soy-chili slaw. After a recent work trip out to L.A., my husband’s sole mission was to consume said taco and then recreate them for us back at home.

Read about his trip and get the Kogi Korean BBQ taco recipe at Food for My Family.

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