LA Times Food Editor Russ Parsons on Cooking for Kids

Russ Parsons' Zucchini Raft with Goat Cheese
Russ Parsons’ Zucchini Raft with Goat Cheese

Sure, field trips are fun for kids, but, really… aren’t they fun for kids of all ages?

I met up with Russ Parsons, Food Editor in Chief of Los Angeles Times, at Los Angeles Times Test Kitchen in downtown LA for a preview of their annual food festival, The Taste.

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And while we focused on seasonal cooking and ingredients, topics Parsons is passionate about, I also had a chance to find out what the seasoned writer and father thinks about Cooking for Kids.

It should come as no surprise that the James Beard Award winner has some very clear advice on the language you use when speaking to kids about food and encouraging them to try new things.

Watch this short video and tell me, What’s your strategy on Cooking for Kids?

Get the recipe for Russ Parsons’ Zucchini Rafts with Goat Cheese here.

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