Lamb Ragu: A Rich, Surprisingly Easy Dinner


Lamb ragu with broccoli rabe

All the talk about lamb in the lead up to Easter got us thinking about all the ways we love to cook this flavorful meat. While roasting is great for the leg and ribs, for other richer, fattier cuts, we love making stews and sauces. One of our favorites is a classic lamb ragù, a tomato-based stew from Italy that’s fantastic served over pasta or polenta. Our version requires time, but other than that, it’s a cinch to make. Slow-cooking yields tender lamb, infused with tomato, wine and vinegar.

Lamb ragù is great for lamb shoulder and neck. Or your butcher or grocer may have lamb already cut into chunks for stew, which is what we used here. The secret as with all stews is to let it cook for as long as you’re able, start it in the morning or make it the day before and reheat it if you’re able. If neither is an option, you’ll need to cook it at least two hours, and you’ll still have a fantastic dinner. Head over to Brooklyn Supper to check out the recipe.

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