Lattice Crust How-To


I find that it if a pie has a lattice crust on top, it makes no difference what fruit is inside it. It’s instantly going to get kids excited and grown-ups salivating. A fruit pie, is, of course always a great default recipe for farmer’s market bounty (Strawberry-rhubarb? Blackberry) as well as a nice thing to bring over to a family’s house when they are having you for dinner. Track down your favorite recipe and then use this technique for finishing off the crust. (Click to the jump for photographs and more detailed instructions.)

Take a standard storebought crust and divide it into eight piecees about 1 to 2 inches wide. (Only with the top crust; the bottom crust should already be under the fruit.)

Lay five of those strips vertically across your fruit-filled pie.

Fold over the second and fourth strip as shown, then lay another unused strip of dough horizontally across the middle. Unfold the folded strips back over the middle strip.

Fold back the first, third, and fifth strips, and lay another strip across the top as shown.

Unfold the folded strips, then repeat process with the bottom portion of the pie, laying another perpindicular strip across the bottom as shown.

Unfold everything back into place, and pinch all the strips to the edge by fork-crimping all around the perimeter.

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