LEGO Sandwich Stackers


When I was younger I was teased for bringing a LEGO set to school as part of a Secret Santa exchange. They had split girls and boys, you see, and the little girl who received the LEGO set was horrified to receive a “boy’s toy.” Here this whole time I thought I was just playing with a toy, having no idea the LEGO blocks I loved to put together were not for girls.

This is one of the reasons why I was ecstatic recently when my 10-year-old requested LEGO sets for her birthday. Girls and LEGO build blocks. The perfect rainy day activity, and a great way for future artists and architects to get their minds solving design problems.

Add in an appropriate LEGO-themed snack, a large box of LEGO blocks and a large floor rug to stretch out on and you have an afternoon the whole family will enjoy.

LEGO Sandwich Stackers inspired by Living Locurto
2 slices cheddar cheese
12 rectangle crackers
3 tablespoons cream cheese

Using a small 1/2-3/4″ round cookie cutter (I used a fondant cutter) slice 8 small circles from the slices of cheese. Set aside. Spread a 1/2 teaspoon or so of cream cheese on a cracker, top with another cracker, spread and top. Use small dabs of cream cheese to secure two cheese circles to the top of the cracker stack to make your LEGO building block.

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