This is the Ice Cream They Serve in Heaven.


Trust me, once you try this, you’ll wonder why all ice cream cannot taste this perfect.

Now, let me start by saying that in no way has Häagen-Dazs ever paid me to say any of this, or approached me about this in any way.  However, if they would ever like to mail me a truck full of their ice cream, I wouldn’t complain.

I love lemon desserts, and as a child used to fantasize about what lemon ice cream should taste like. Any rare occasion when I would find an actual lemon flavored ice cream, it would either taste flat, too creamy, artificial or dull.

So when Häagen-Dazs came out with the lemon flavor on their “five” label, I wanted to see if it would deliver.




It surpasses all my hopes and childhood dreams of a lemon-flavored ice cream. It is tart, and sweet, and creamy all at once. The ice crystals are so minuscule they are virtually undetectable. It is smooth as silk and absolutely amazing.

The best part is, it is lower in fat and calories than their other ice creams. Now I don’t know about you, but I believe that is a miracle.

Visit my sophistimom blog to get the recipe for these lemon ice cream sandwiches.

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