Let Them Eat Pizza - For Breakfast!


Stereotypes can be wrong. When you think of Pizza for Breakfast, you probably visualize the aftermath of a fraternity party: greasy, cardboard boxes sparsely filled with petrified crust and processed toppings, strewn about a disheveled room. Well, I for one, think it’s high-time we rethink the Pizza for Breakfast stereotype.

Pizza for Breakfast is a complete meal and a great way to use up leftovers. When you make a fresh, whole grain crust and pile it high with vegetables, maybe an egg or two, Pizza for Breakfast is an energy packed way to start the day.

Watch the Pizza For Breakfast video and tell me, what do you want on your Mashed Potato Pizza?

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Get the Mashed Potato Pizza Recipe as seen in the video. Get the Garlic Mashed Potato Recipe as seen in the video.

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